Lighting board

Amazing product. Worth every penny (Canadian) Will eventually replace all lighting . Very helpful.
- Chris Kapteyn

N scale passenger car light boad

Outstanding!! I placed three of them in Walthers cars and was able to match the intensity to the same level as my Kato lighted cars. I did have to remove the Walthers contacts, as they were worthless. Instead, I soldered the phosphor wire to the boards and ran them underneath the cars, as described for the Kato conversion. It's a nice light, easily adjustable, NO FLICKER and sure beats the heck out of batteries!
- Bob Paquette

Astoundingly Excellent

I bought one each of the HO and N passenger car lighting boards to test. Put the HO board in a Walthers 932-6004 Amtrak Amfleet Coach. Soldered the leads to the metal leaves that hold the wheels in place. Only minor annoyance was your instructions don't point at the lead locations on the board in the photos, which are also pretty blurry, so it took some bright light and magnifying glasses to hunt them down. I finally found T+ and T- adjacent to the capacitors. Used some spare foam to make columns to wedge the board against the ceiling. The lighting is diffuse with absolutely ZERO flickering. Best I've ever seen. Now I'll order more.
- Jeff Cohen

great product

I just installed 10 of them in Athearn heavyweights with very little modification. Used 6 wheel Walthers trucks with the screws attached for easy hook-up. I am now ordering more. well worth the investment. They look great with the constant light. also very very easy to hookup red flasher in the observation cars.
- mike smilinich

Great Lights, Even Better Support!

Installed in my Kato Daylight cars. The lights are easy to install and stay on even on dirty spots and turnouts. I can pull my car off the track and the lights stay on for about a minute. It's that good. Even better is the support here. If something is messed up--even if it's your fault---he will replace the lights for you. These make a huge difference on the layout. Very realistic.
- Steve Rawley

Passenger Coach Lighting Project

These are great lighting boards. Versatile, easy to work with, and priced right. Here is a short video I made of my first lighting project using this product.
- Rodney McMurtrie

Great product and help

Very good product with great help to modify for specific needs to add a connection. Definitely try Voltscooter products.
- Robert B. Dunham

Much better the the FT ties

I ordered these a few months back and have tried them out several times. They are much easier to use than the FastTrack copper ties: there is no cutting of copper on the sides of the board (of course); and they actually fit better into the FastTrack jigs than the FT copper ties - they are a little thinner and don't lift the rails out of the jigs so much. Great product!
- Lindsay Hughes