N Scale Western Pacific Caboose

Western Pacific (WP) and Sacramento Northern (SN) outside braced caboose, N Scale

This model does not include a chassis or trucks. I recommend the Atlas 458011-2 chassis and 458040-2 chassis details. The Atlas chassis and details need to be cut down to fit as they are too long as delivered. I also recommend the Atlas 22061 friction bearing caboose trucks as these are the closest to the prototype that is available. All necessary holes for hand rails and brake wheel are included.

The model is designed for hand rails of approximately 0.008″ diameter phoshor bronze wire. The caboose end rail stantions, chimney and roof ventilator are also hollow so that then can accept 0.008″ diameter wire for reinforcement. Note that the deeper holes may need to be cleaned of printing debris. Use a #80 drill for this purpose and clear the drill often. The actual holes can be seen through the part and extend 2/3s the length of the parts.

The coupler pocket is designed to accept Micro-Trains 1015 type coupler. The coupler pocket forms the top cover of the coupler housing. The Micro-Trains top cover is not used. This allows for the lowest possible floor height. Most of the grab irons are 18″. BLMA #60 and #58 grab irons can be used instead of bending your own. The ends are designed to use Micron-Art 92402 Caboose Ladders. The window screens were created with Ngineering Ultra-fine Square Mesh NM013. Brake wheels are also not included, Gold Medal Models makes suitable brake wheels. For the chains on the end I recommend the pre-blackened A-Line 40 links per inch product.

I highly recommend staining the parts before assembly. The parts are translucent and it is otherwise hard to judge alignment without this step. Be sure to thoroughly clean off remaining wax residue from models. I use 91% rubbing alcohol and an ultrasonic cleaner.