HO Scale Passenger Car Lighting Board

HO Scale Passenger Car Lighting Board:


  • Super capacitors are included (optional on most competitors products)
  • 16 Leds for even lighting (competitors products have less)
  • Adjustable brightness
  • One Farad capacitance on board (competitors have much less)
  • Limited maximum 0.2 Ampere current when charging for DCC compatibility.  Typical current draw is 0.01 Ampere after charging is complete.

Uses 1 Farad super-capacitors, and regulators to provide constant lighting.  This unit is guaranteed not to flicker under any circumstances.  Instructions and most parts for installation in cars without pickups are provided.  Conductive wheels are required.   Can also use existing pickups.  The circuit board can be shortened to as little as 4″ by simply cutting the board with diagonal cutters or a razor saw (the fiberglass circuit board will dull most saws).   Adjustable from dim to super bright.  When adjusted for normal light levels the car will remain lit at constant brightness for more than 30 seconds after power is removed.

Click here to download the product pamphlet for board with on/off control.

Board with magic wand magnetic on/off Control: $24.95 each.

Shipping is $5 for the first unit.  Additional units ship at no added cost.



HO Scale Passenger Car Light Board Overall rating: ★★★★★ 5 based on 5 reviews.
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Lighting board

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Amazing product. Worth every penny (Canadian) Will eventually replace all lighting . Very helpful.
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Astoundingly Excellent

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I bought one each of the HO and N passenger car lighting boards to test. Put the HO board in a Walthers 932-6004 Amtrak Amfleet Coach. Soldered the leads to the metal leaves that hold the wheels in place. Only minor annoyance was your instructions don't point at the lead locations on the board in the photos, which are also pretty blurry, so it took some bright light and magnifying glasses to hunt them down. I finally found T+ and T- adjacent to the capacitors. Used some spare foam to make columns to wedge the board against the ceiling. The lighting is diffuse with absolutely ZERO flickering. Best I've ever seen. Now I'll order more.
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great product

5 5 1
I just installed 10 of them in Athearn heavyweights with very little modification. Used 6 wheel Walthers trucks with the screws attached for easy hook-up. I am now ordering more. well worth the investment. They look great with the constant light. also very very easy to hookup red flasher in the observation cars.

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* U.S.A. Shipping is $5, Canada 9.95 USD, otherwise 14.95 USD


  1. Can these lighting boards be attached directly to Walther’s passenger cars. On the two metal tabs where the Walthers light kit would go?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Sorry I thought I was talking about the N Scale board. There are no tabs on the HO light board. The HO light board must be hard wired to any pickups or contacts on an HO Walthers passenger car.

  2. I plan to order two of your HO scale passenger car lighting boards. (I model in HO, using DCC.) Question: I also want to light a caboose. Is there any reason your N scale caboose board would not work in HO? Thanks.

    1. Of course any of the N Scale boards can be used in larger scales. Also note that the standard HO board can be cut down to 4″ for use in smaller cars.

  3. A question about your answer to Jim Leonard: Do the Walthers metal tabs go over the EXP+ and EXP- pins on the side opposite the capacitors?

    1. I have cut the board up into three sections. The dome would be lit by placing the light board facing up and drilling holes in the floor for the lights. My recollection is that on floor lights were used in the dome sections so the passengers could see the stars. The three boards are reconnected with magnet wire by scraping the insulation off of the traces and soldering wires to the traces. I have done this for a couple of other customers and could do this for you if you give me the desired final board dimensions.

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