Fuse, Facia Mount Automatic Short Protection for DCC, DC & AC

  • Provides low-cost block protection.  Use instead of finicky DCC circuit breakers.
  • Isolates problems so that a short circuit in one area does not cause operations to halt elsewhere.
  • Convenient fascia mounting with the drilling of two holes.
  • In most cases will automatically reset when short circuit is removed.  Sound equipped locomotives may require manual reset with the switch shown.
  • LED indicates that fuse is active.
  • Can be interfaced to an alarm or to signal circuitry.
  • Remains in a protected state until current flowing to the track ends.
  • Compatible with DCC, AC and DC circuits of 30 Volts or less.

System compatibility:

A minimum 2.5 Ampere capacity is recommended for the DCC command station and track power supply.

Digitrax Zephyr systems:  In general the Zephyr systems have a very fast short circuit protection built in and this product has failed to trip fast enough in some versions of the Zephyr systems.

NCE 524025 Power Cab Starter Set: The Starter Set trips faster than this product and therefore this product provides no added protection.

Click here to download instructions.
Blocks are $12.95 each, or $49.95 for a package of 5 blocks.


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