N Scale Stock Cars, Southern Pacific & Affiliated

These are models of the Southern Pacific  stock cars. They are designed for Micro-Trains trucks and 1015 short shank coupler.

K&S 8246 1/2″ brass stock or similar can be used for the floor and to add weight the car.  Additional weights are also recommended in addition to the brass.  A better option can be purchased from TxChemist Tungsten on Ebay.  Look for “1 Tungsten pinewood weight Stick on Plate” for One TxW Alloy plate 0.7 oz. (0.095″x0.5″x1.72″).

To install the coupler trim the coupler cover as needed to fit snugly.  The center tube of the Micro-Trains coupler cover will need to be trimmed for a snug fit.  Assemble the parts onto that cover and then install the cover (without the supplied top piece) into this body.  You will also need to add the brake wheel and shaft.  For this I recommend Gold Medal Models 160-5 etched metal brake wheels and 0.008″ phosphor bronze wire.

These cars were built from the 1910s through the  1920s and were in use through the 60s when SP abandoned the carrying of livestock.

$24.95 each plus shipping.


S-40-10 Extended Number Board  


S-40-9  Extended Number Board  


S-40-5  Extended Number Board  



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