N Scale Structures

These are all 3D printed kits.  Finishing the kits will require sanding, some assembly and paint.

Flying A Gas Station

Supplied will be the decals building parts, pumps and other details needed.  $39.95 + Shipping

Frost Protection Wind Generators

Prototype photo

This is a scale model of the rotary motor based wind generator. These were and are used to prevent frost damage to crops. The prototype for this particular model was found in a vineyard near St. Helena California. It is likely that these machines were built from surplus WWII airplane parts. These likely date from the late 1940s and appear to be still in use as of 2017.

Notes: The propeller is printed such that they are attached to the ladder. This will need to be removed and positioned as desired into the supplied hole in the motor front. The supplied hole will need to be cleaned out with a drill in order to accept the shaft.

Smaller features such as railings and pipes have been simplified and increased in size to make them printable.  $14.95 + Shipping

Krohn Water Tower

This model is based on drawings made in 1980 of a water tower at the John Krohn Ranch in San Martin, California. Virtually every orchard and vineyard farm house in Califorina and possibly elsewhere included a water tower primarily for domestic use so that the house had running (presureized) water. Most farms converted to smaller tanks and then eventually to in ground pumps. Many of the towers remain although likely non or them are currently used for water storage. I lived in one of these farm houses in the late sixties. I had an above ground pump with a 50 gallon tank next to it. The house was a bungalo style which was also very typical. We used the water tower for tools on the ground floor and attached our TV antenna higher up on the side. I think the tank was still inside but never got to go up and explore as we were only renting. The prototype for this tower had a wind mill but that was not at all common as these houses had electricity both for the house as well as for the irragation systems. Lots and lots of water was needed for the orchard or vinyard and these towers would not hold enough water for that purpose.

You will need to add roofing and paint to complete the model.  $24.95 + Shipping